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Food Link Inventory Liquidators: Surplus > Ingredient > Solutions

Food Link provides a fully integrated liquidation service to customers
within the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our
inventory liquidation service involves buying and selling surplus
and obsolete ingredient, raw material, and commodity inventories.

Benefits of Selling Your Overstock Ingredients:

  • Recoup % of costs / quick cash for idle inventory
  • Turnkey services available (complete alleviation of entire
    warehouses, plants, etc.)
  • Discretion (provide a low profile sales channel / Food Link
    acts as a buffer against your competitors and uncreditworthy
    buyers by taking possession of inventories)

Benefits of Purchasing Our Surplus Ingredients:

  • Quality ingredients at discounted prices
  • Necessary paperwork (product specifications, nutritionals, lot specific COA’s, MSDS
    Kosher Certificates, etc) and samples available on all offerings
  • Perfect solution if cost is an important factor in your purchasing decisions
  • Terms offered once credit is established